Impact 3.0

Web & AppAfter carefully analyzing the requirements of the project we designed a platform as per the client’s identity and objective.




National Organisation for Social Empowerment (NOFSE) is a registered NGO working for the differently abled and underprivileged of our community. We are a group of dreamers with a collective vision; ‘Inclusiveness’. We believe that a world without barriers should not be a luxury but a right. We are doing our bit to ensure that disability does not entail disadvantage. At National NGO we are working to advance the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in our society and in the larger scheme of national development, through micro level social intervention.National NGO has been continually working for social integration of persons with disability. Although we work with a small set of people, we go all the way in supporting them to become self-sufficient. Through these years, we have assumed the role of facilitators, counselors, friends and teachers amongst others


Backend Development

Front-End Development

UI/UX Design


The biggest challenge was to compete with the online markets because WOGOM’s vision was to empower Retailers through an e-Commerce Website.

One of the most difficult issues we had developing WOGOM was creating an understanding among various people regarding the business model, but we realized that as we went ahead with the development process the model became simpler because the cause was very clear. There were some real challenges while introducing product variants and specifications for each product. We also had to take care of all the security features because there were four panels in all and we could not risk revealing any information to someone other than the admin. Hence, we introduced certain security features and while all e-Commerce marketplaces use various payment methods, we introduced COC (Cash on Counter) in WOGOM to ensure complete safety during payments being transferred or received.

After designing the platform with Asp.Net , we integrated the Cashfree to assure that all customer operations were entirely secure. We also needed to create a strong database that would allow the website to run quickly while protecting data confidentiality and privacy.


The first phase for Team Hashtechy was to engage with the clientele and learn about their vision for the ecommerce platform. We also spoke with a few users of these products to better understand what would make their buying experience easier. As a result, we crafted a marketplace that employs leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest levels of quality, as well as a layout that attracts attention while being simple in terms of customer experience.

The next stage was for us to create designs and translate them into efficient and secure code for both the front and back ends. After successfully constructing the website and integrating the payment method, our quality assurance department tested every feature, including checkout, add to wish list, and add to cart, to mention a few.

  • A Major and direct benefit of WOGOM comes to the Retailers, In today’s advanced digital age when people prefer shopping online, WOGOM empowers Retailers, and helps them reach their target customers.

  • There are multiple other benefits like Endless Digital Catalogue; WOGOM helps stores overcome the problem of stocking inventory because, through WOGOM, stores can help their customers view products virtually while not really having to stock every unit.