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Our Consulting Service Options for Start-Ups

Market entry consulting

Research the target market, users, and competitors. Assess tech and economic feasibility. Analyze regulatory challenges. Develop a digital marketing strategy. Develop a business case.

Tech and software dev consulting

Design a software architecture. Choose the best-fit tech stack. Plan a customization and integration approach. Plan product security and compliance (HIPAA, FDA, GLBA, PCI DSS, etc.). Deliver a proof-of-concept. Map out an MVP launch plan.

Personalized service set

Market entry consulting. Idea productization consulting. Tech and software dev consulting. App deployment consulting.

Idea productization consulting

Translates your product idea into features. Identifies innovation opportunities. Decides on the "killer feature". Roadmaps features. Designs MVP. Designs MVP UX. Designs unique MVP UI (optionally). Calculates TCO and draws a cost optimization strategy.

App deployment consulting

Plan a DevOps strategy and implementation roadmap. Train your DevOps practitioners. Debug and resolve software issues. Plan (cloud) infrastructure security and compliance. Optimize infrastructure costs.

Why Techno Hustlers?

Move Your Business Online And Get High-Performance Web & Mobile Application Services To Accelerate Your Business Growth


Domain Expertise

Our developers have extensive expertise working on a variety of web and mobile app projects.


Business Ethics

Techno Hustlers has established strong corporate standards and follows an ethical culture that prioritizes customer relations.



We takes full ownership and responsibility for our client’s projects and ensures that they receive nothing but the best.



You can scale up or downsize your developer team depending on the project's needs.


Business Growth

Happiness and growth occur while you're climbing it, and we at our organization focus on the growth of our clients.


Market Strategy

Our Development processes are research oriented because we aim to provide the latest and the best results to our customers.


Our Exhaustive Process Of Growing A Business


Ideation And Planning


Design And Development


Testing And QA


App Deployment




A business startup consultant knows how to get to the next step. Entrepreneurs who work with business consultants are able to move faster through the individual steps. New business ventures require many milestones to reach. Consultants guide entrepreneurs and their vision through the necessary steps required to open for business successfully.


Most new companies are challenged with hiring results oriented vendors. To establish critical and necessary structure, it is vital to a business to work with quality. Startups could have a limited budget or would prefer to have their initial investment work out to satisfaction. When it does not, a second chance may not be within the existing budget. Working with business consultants with existing vendor relationships ensures better results from the start. The outcomes are simply better with expert help.


Consulting services provide startup assistance with individual steps in business to get started. Business startups receive help with critical steps to get started in business. Professionals assist with experience and provide significant help through consulting services entrepreneurs and investors. These services help clients breakdown individual steps, execute them, and manage process overall. Frees clients up to focus on other vital aspects of starting a business successfully.


Branding is a task most businesses have to get done right from the start. Some have an idea. Others have seen competitors. Consultants help stay consistent across all communication channels. When working with a consultant, higher quality branding solutions are gained. A strong brand development is ensured with professional assistance. Items such as the logo, website design, social media, videos, and other platforms are successfully deployed.


A new business needs basic business structure established. All types of new ventures require this. When starting a business, company identity, bank account, legal structure, product design, pricing and so on is often required. The focus is to get the new organization ready for business and open for business. Through consulting services, the business structure is successfully established to ensure the correct foundation is in place to succeed with the new business.


Website design projects for startup companies is one of the more difficult to contract out. Not all websites are the same. Startups must ensure to have a results driven website. To accomplish this, consultants work with existing vendors and website professionals. The client gets a quality driven website as a startup, increasing chances at success. Working with experts delivers results that are measurable. Experienced designers and developers are gained for web projects.


Most startups rely on contracting marketing completely out or partially to get necessary results. To understand the marketing landscape, a business startup consultant will go over all details with the client. Marketing is outlined in depth. Budgets are discussed and options. A client can have a consultant also assist with reports, analysis and other marketing functions. Vendors can be sourced, campaigns started, and managed for best results. Working with marketing experts is key to success.


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