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Mobile Security

We create programs that are safe against attacks, malware, and misuse.

Android Architectures

A Kotlin development team that is well-versed in all aspects of Android. A structure built on the client's requirements.

Chat Application

Whether it's P2P, Firebase, or Websockets, we're experienced in designing scalable and secure mobile chat apps.

Payment Gateways

Experience with payment gateways in many countries ensures that the end-user does not experience payment failure.

GPS Applications

From resolving security challenges to boosting GPS accuracy, we have a staff managing all parts of geolocation app growth.

Android Jetpack

We use Jetpack to minimize boilerplate code and write code that is consistent across the Android app development process.

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Domain Expertise

Our developers have extensive expertise working on a variety of web and mobile app projects.


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Techno Hustlers has established strong corporate standards and follows an ethical culture that prioritizes customer relations.



We takes full ownership and responsibility for our client’s projects and ensures that they receive nothing but the best.



You can scale up or downsize your developer team depending on the project's needs.


Business Growth

Happiness and growth occur while you're climbing it, and we at our organization focus on the growth of our clients.


Market Strategy

Our Development processes are research oriented because we aim to provide the latest and the best results to our customers.


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Design And Development


Testing And QA


App Deployment




Kotlin has a lot of traction in Android development and compiles to almost every platform. It’s more concise and expressive than Java and switching is easy. There’s built-in null safety support, but Kotlin does come with a steep learning curve and has a smaller developer community.

Java is easy to learn, flexible, and has an open-source ecosystem. Java apps are compact and easy to optimize. However, Java is a verbose language requiring more code, and a higher error risk comes with that.

Current versions of Kotlin are written in Kotlin.

Kotlin is also 100% interoperable with Java, and there’s a major emphasis on making sure existing codebases can interact properly with Kotlin. You can easily call Kotlin code from Java and Java code from Kotlin.

Kotlin is usable for any kind of development work. That includes client-side, server-side, web, and Android. There’s also support for other platforms such as iOS. Kotlin is good for mobile and server-side applications, client-side with JavaScript or JavaFX, and data science.

Thanks to Kotlin’s scripting capabilities, you can use it directly in your Gradle build scripts. Kotlin also supports modern programming concepts like extension functions, higher-order functions, and delegates.

We develop Android applications compatible with the latest as well as old Android devices and OS versions.

We offer all services for Android Kotlin development services such as Kotlin app development from scratch, testing, custom development, migration, and maintenance.


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