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Today, banking customers demand a superior customer experience and hyper-personalized products and services. This has created an urgency for banks to become on-demand ecosystem providers, offering embedded products and services such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and digital assets. They must remain relevant and avoid disintermediation, as competitors—including fintech, big tech, and retailers—encroach into their territory.

Most next-gen solutions are AI-driven and will increasingly encapsulate blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They will support intelligent, proactive financial planning and lifestyle choices, including transparency around the environmental impacts of those choices. The Metaverse looms large on the horizon—what will money look like and what services will be needed here? In parallel, an increased focus on regulation and ESG will put additional pressure on banks.

Banks need to be ready to navigate this challenging business scenario by smartly using their technology assets and investments, as well as opening themselves for collaboration. For embedded and contextual banking, banks are now increasingly partnering with fintech and non-financial firms to bridge gaps within their customer offerings and shared systems landscape. Techno Hustlers has always been at the forefront of solving real business problems through best-in-class services and technology offerings. Our engineering DNA and philosophy of ‘ideapreneurship’ ensure continuous collaboration and support for our clients at every step of their transformation journey. We believe in a co- innovation approach to help banks and financial services firms become future-proof and evolve as leaders in their respective business areas.

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