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HireWe have over 10 IPs and frameworks in this sector to help our clients optimize their value chains

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Media & Broadcasting

Continued transformation of the broadcasting industry, coupled with large-scale changes in cable networks and music industry, has led to a shift from linear content progression to a complex web of interactions. As established norms are overhauled, traditional and non-traditional media companies are gearing up for a consumer-driven, social media-connected future.

Techno Hustlers partnered with a leading music company that wanted to develop two capabilities — acquiring rights and deploying unique features to boost music demand. To meet these strategic goals, the client needed enhanced visibility, supply chain optimization, and OPEX reduction. Techno Hustlers offered a wide range of solutions, from mobility services to rights management services that were leveraged to streamline its existing IT systems.

Digital rights management


Media and entertainment companies are being impacted by several  emerging trends such as digitalization, multi-platform content consumption and the omnipresence of social media. In addition, the proliferation of connected devices has led to data being generated in immense volumes. Organizations are now striving to manage and analyze this data to extract actionable insights. They are increasingly looking to embrace tech modernization while simultaneously focusing on their relationship with customers.

In response, Techno Hustlers has designed its digitalization services to enable technology-led transformation of business processes. Our services for digital media firms have the ability to bolster customer relationships and build future-ready infrastructure that allows a single view of data across the organization.

We are a one-stop partner for our customers when it comes to digitalization. Our ‘Collaborative Digital Enterprise’ model spans every facet of our customers’ requirements, from supply chain optimization to end-to-end cloud-based models. Our ALT ASMTM framework uses a “proactive obsolescence” approach to help clients minimize operational costs while maximizing revenue.

Our deep domain expertise and micro-vertical strategy help craft domain-specific solutions for media and entertainment enterprises:

  • Publishing – newspapers and magazines, education, and business information services
  • New media – broadcasting, cable, and music
  • Lifestyle – gaming, hospitality, and sports and leisure

We have over 10 IPs and frameworks in this sector to help our clients optimize their value chains. Our Digital Media & Publishing Lab offers cutting-edge solutions to simplify several operational aspects:

  • Content life-cycle management
  • Digital rights management
  • Access and entitlement
  • Digital asset management
  • Collaborative environments
  • Cross-media advertisement management
  • Vertical search

In the last 10 years, we have collaborated with four top-tier publishing companies, two gaming solution giants, three global music conglomerates and two leading casinos. Currently, we are ranked as a leader among publishing IT service providers in India.


Content Services

Streamline production, management, and distribution of content for optimized workflows, integrated assets, and rights administration.

CRM & Personalisation Services

Enable a unified view of customers to drive user experience and facilitate effective cross-selling.

Unified Advertising Services

Create and publish panalized advertising campaigns on multiple platforms and consistently monitor their performance.

Mobility Services

Leverage mobile technology to deliver unique proposition to “connected consumer” and improve enterprise productivity.

Next Generation User Experience

Implement a holistic multichannel strategy for a range of services, from channel experiences to program planning.

Digital Media Services

Drive effective content management through an integrated and streamlined digital supply chain.