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Consumer Goods Consulting: Digitize. Transform. Connect.

Techno Hustlers provides the retail IT support your company needs to standardize your systems, reduce costs, and deliver the experience consumers demand. From business line of software support and process optimization to data system integrations, IT Support Guys will help revolutionize your company’s relationship with technology.

Enabling convergence of people, data, and technology


Evolving consumer expectations, changing consumer behavior, the explosion in personalized buying choices, and the growing relevance of private labels are some of the disruptions that have placed the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry at the tipping point of a digital revolution. CPG companies require a technology partner to help them accelerate their journey toward modern, data-driven, and digitally-connected agile enterprises.

Based on decades of experience in working with global CPG brands, a deep software engineering heritage, and significant investments in emerging technologies, Techno Hustlers is pleased to introduce Techno Hustlers CPG 4.0—a collection of transformation solutions tailored for the consumer packaged goods industry. These solutions combine data-driven insights with digital technology that leverages the convergence of people, data, and technology to help CPG organizations innovate beyond the product.

CPG 4.0 I Solution for the next decade, today.

Business Segments

Food and Beverage

The dynamic landscape of the global Food & Beverage industry necessitates that organizations remain responsive to the evolving tastes of consumers as well as emerging market trends. In such a competitive environment, organizations require an innovative product development unit, a flexible supply chain, an unconventional marketing team, and an incisive sales force.
We at Techno Hustlers, along with our industry leading partners help organizations minimize turnaround timelines, lower costs, and increase profit margins through our world-class product management, market analytics, and sales force management solutions. We guarantee that our clients are ahead of the competition.


At the core of distribution services lie responsive supply chains that turn consumer insights into greater profits. Today, organizations need end-to-end visibility and flexibility across their businesses in order to remain ahead of the curve.
Techno Hustlers enables companies to derive actionable intelligence from customer data, drive product innovation, increase operational efficiency, and deliver enriching customer experiences. Our industry-leading business analytics, product management, and supply chain management solutions ensure that our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Home and Personal Care

Increasing emphasis on product innovation and customization in the home and personal care markets require companies to focus on operational efficiency, marketing innovation, and agile supply chains. At Techno Hustlers, we help our clients in the home and personal care segment deliver increased value to their customers through our state-of-the-art demand forecasting, product management, and inventory optimization solutions.
Our visionary digital marketing, business intelligence, and product lifecycle management solutions empower organizations to achieve increased profitability and faster market penetration.


Digital and Analytics

Our Digital & Analytics services helps design and build key platform components of customers’ Digital-Technology-Footprint™ to power the Digital transformation journey.


At IoT, we help create entirely new services that deliver measurable business outcomes. These experience will have an increasing role in differentiating enterprises and enable them to become a next-generation enterprise.

AI/ML and Cloud

Techno Hustlers that focuses on building products for transforming and simplifying IT and business operations by leveraging AI and Cloud.

Application Services

Our Applications business is structured around 11 integrated horizontal capabilities, allowing us to offer clients a full lifecycle of systems integration consulting services and a unified approach to developing the right solutions for their business needs.

Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Management Services has some of the most impressive credentials in the IT Vendor landscape. We have not only executed complex global IT transformation exercises but also helped run efficient IT services for more than 300 of the world’s leading companies.

Engineering and R&D services

We are one of the world’s leading and fastest growing global engineering services provider. From product blueprinting to support, from software or hardware to mechanical, we work with more than half of the top 100 R&D engineering companies across the world.

Digital Process Operations

To help businesses address the changing industry paradigm, Techno Hustlers Digital Process Operations (DPO) with its digital services and solutions is reimagining the role of technology from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of digital innovation and fuelling business performance.