HireIndustry leaders are challenged to improve
service efficiency and student outcomes

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The educational sector is experiencing significant change

Expertise in Education

From preschool to high school, and universities to technical training, educational institutions must navigate changes across their operations and service delivery. Hybrid and flexible learning models alter how students learn, and also how faculty support new delivery mechanisms. Without question, the need for rapid digital transformation in education has never been greater.

Industry leaders are challenged to improve service efficiency and student outcomes without compromising the overall experience. Technology can help drive these imperatives and create a future where institutions deliver value in education, research and experience. But realizing this future requires a partner with the experience and expertise to accelerate digital transformation in education, enabling all stakeholders to achieve their desired outcomes.

Wipro can help education institutes around the world manage their digital transformation journey by providing solutions that:

  • Seamlessly blend in-person and remote learning strategies that align with new norms
  • Effectively manage the student lifecycle experience and expectations
  • Improve productivity by enhancing the faculty and employee experience
  • Modernize infrastructure and provide critical support, significantly increasing overall effectiveness
  • Leverage data to derive actionable insights and aid in decision making
  • Drive innovation to improve learning and teaching outcomes

Wipro helps organizations design, customize, implement, manage and improve a number of systems, from the student information system (SIS), learning management system and CRM to workflow management systems, HRMS and financial management systems. These diverse capabilities reflect the full range of functions affected by digital transformation in education. 

Techno Hustlers consulting expertise and comprehensive solution portfolio can build sustainable digital systems that increase student enrollment, improve student/employee satisfaction, drive learning outcomes and optimize operations for the new normal.