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FEATURESMust-Have Elements Of Discovery Phase Of Projects

Industry Analysis

When developing a product, it is necessary to take into account features of the industry where it will be applied. Rules that work for one industry will not always work in the other. At the Discovery Phase, study of your industry specific business processes allows implementation of the best practices and tools.

Competitor Analysis

One of the parts of business analysis services is the research of your competitors, weak spots in their products, and improvements that can be implemented in your product to get a competitive advantage.

Technical Research

There are no two identical projects and each product includes certain business and technical requirements that must be taken into account at the very early stages of development. The result of the Discovery Phase of the project will be a list of recommended technologies and frameworks to use.

Technical Documentation

Tech specification is a crucial part of a project. The success and on-time completion of the project as well as its future development highly depends on how thoroughly the project is clarified and described, how correctly it is reflected in the technical specification.

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Happiness and growth occur while you're climbing it, and we at our organization focus on the growth of our clients.


Market Strategy

Our Development processes are research oriented because we aim to provide the latest and the best results to our customers.


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Ideation And Planning


Design And Development


Testing And QA


App Deployment




The best time to go through the Discovery Phase is at the start of any major project or building any complex system, especially when there is not enough information gathered about the market or users. We also recommend keeping the business analyst as a part of the internal IT team to keep the requirements and the software up-to-date and aligned with your business’s needs.

There are 2 key reasons.

The first one is that analysis helps businesses to create the whole picture of the final solution,to define the goals which businesses want to achieve, and how they can estimate the success of a project in the future.

The second one is to provide the design, development, and QA teams with all necessary information required to build the right groundwork (e.g. – architecture) and release the application within the timeline and budget.

Discovery Phase is the time when we work on the project analysis and planning. It is a very active phase, both for our clients and our team, when we perform lots of sessions. Ongoing business analysis isn’t so time-intensive we just need to support the requirements up-to-date to the business changes.
Each session is usually devoted to the analysis of some business process (e.g. order entry, processing, invoicing, data transfer, etc) or to the discussion of our Business Analysts discoveries from industry and/or competitors research. Also, during such sessions we discuss your questions/comments.
Usually a session takes 1-2 hours if they are performed online. However, sometimes we make offline sessions which take a few days.
Every project we undertake starts with the business analysis. We have more than 100 successful projects after more than 10 years of work. We use the latest knowledge about business analysis in our work. We see ourselves as a competent software development team with talented business analysts. We are able to provide quality business analysis services for a reasonable price.

No. Business analysis in web development is the process when business analysts define the potential and value of the future app, describe its business and technical requirements, make market and competitive analysis.

On the other hand, website analysis implies page speed analysis and optimization, SEO audit, content reviews, UX analysis, testing, and more. It includes types of work focused on improving the performance of an existing web app.


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